Call for papers

Fourth International Oromo Studies Conference Jointly Organized by IOS and NOS

The Institute of Oromo Studies (IOS) at Jimma University and The Network of Oromo Studies (NOS) in the UK have jointly organized the Fourth International Oromo Studies Conference to be held from 18th – 19th July, 2019 at Jimma University, Oromia, Ethiopia. The conference welcomes abstract from scholars and students around the world.
Conference Grand Theme
Oromia State Formation and Socio-economic and Political Order in Ethiopia and the Horn
The Conference welcomes research papers that examine why states of the Horn of Africa exist, and how they have come to take the peculiar political forms in which we now find them and what their impacts are on state formation in the region.
Research papers, which explore the impacts of prolonged political conflicts on social, economic, political and cultural developments in the Horn of Africa in general, and Ethiopia and Oromia in particular will be considered. A critical analysis of the roles of international stakeholders such as AU, UN, EU etc., and government agencies, academic institutions, social and business organizations in addressing conflicts and or implementing conflict resolution strategies will be of interest to the conference. Additionally, studies on state formation and recommendations on a sustainable way forward will be relevant to this conference.
Academic papers which scrutinize the following areas are welcome:
• State and state formation in Ethiopia and the Horn;
• Oromia state formation and Oromo nationalism: ideological, policy challenges and global context ;
• Socio-political conditions in Oromia, Ethiopia and Implications for the Horn;
• Global conditions and regional geopolitical issues in influencing peace and stability in the Horn;
• The Politics of Languages in Ethiopia: the past and present conditions of Afaan Oromo;
• Other related topics will also be considered.
Submission of papers and key deadlines
1. Abstracts not more than 300 words should be sent by email by 21 March, 2019 via- please ONLY one email address to avoid confusion.
2. Notifications of accepted abstracts are to be issued by 23 April 2019
3. A full research paper of 4-5,000 words, should be sent to us by 30 May 2019, at [provide an email address]. Papers must be presented by using the Harvard citing and referencing style. Additional guidelines will be provided later.
4. The scientific committee of IOS and NOS will make the final decision whether or not an abstract is accepted. The editors have the right to make changes to the format of a paper as deemed required.
5. Each paper has a 20-minutes presentation slot.
6. Full program of the Conference will be available in due course. Stay tuned to :
NOS website :
IOS website:

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