Memorandum of Understanding

Memorandum of Understanding

The Network of Oromo Studies (NOS)
Institute of Oromo Studies -Jimma University (IOS)

This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) sets for the terms and understanding between the Network of Oromo Studies and the Institute of Oromo Studies -Jimma University to set out framework of cooperation.

Background and rationale
The Oromo of Ethiopia for centuries have been treated by the Ethiopian state as “newcomers,” and much the same in the national historiography. At the same time the Ethiopianist political and academic elites widely believed that “undertaking a study on the Oromo is permissible only if it enriched Ethiopian studies and contributed to the survival of Ethiopia as a unitary state.” Such Ethiopianist perspectives represent ethnocentric, cultural and political bias. Confronting such wrong depictions and establishing universally applicable knowledge thus became the career of Oromo studies. Since the 1980s a few works by Oromo “intellectual rebels” have achieved these. Such works were clearly positioned representing views of millions of the Oromo. This has placed independent Oromo studies such as Oromo studies Association, Institute of Oromo Studies and The Network of Oromo Studies on solid foundations.

Despite considerable efforts having a single professional organization dedicated to the study of the Oromo people couldn’t cover social, political, economic and scientific studies pertaining to Oromia and the people. Therefore, there appeared a pressing need to have academic institution that will sustain Oromo studies’ influence, at different geographical locations in the world

The Network of Oromo Studies (NOS), here after called NOS emerged from previous ad hoc attempt to expand the reach of other Oromo Study institution in Europe and Scandinavian countries and elsewhere. NOS is a continuation of an ad hoc work Oromo studies conferences in London that started in 2007 until it was temporarily stalled in 2011 when the volunteered organizing summer these conferences were faced with difficulties to sustain their ad hoc work. Thus the establishment of NOS as company limited registered in the UK in June 2015 is a re-invigorating ad hoc work of Oromo studies in London to promote access to academic and scholarship of Oromo Studies.
Similarly IOS is instituted to fulfil the Oromo people’s vision in conducting research and studying Oromo traditional and indigenous wisdom and preserving the studies for the development of Ethiopia in general and the Oromia Regional State in particular.
IOS’s and NOS experiences, therefore, yield crucial lessons to mutually advance Oromo studies and effective and efficient function of both. Whilst Ethiopia based IOS’s support for NOS is indisputably essential, the latter is also important in holding up the former by filling the gaps in Europe and vice versa. It is therefore imperative that both organizations to have a formal working relationship through some form of memorandum of understanding that establish the framework of cooperation.

This MOU will serve as a general reference of cooperation and mutual understanding between NOS and IOS.

The above goals will be accomplished by undertaking the following activities:

• Jointly organizing Oromo conference in the UK and Ethiopia and where feasible in other parts of Western Europe and Scandinavian countries;
• Exchange publications pertinent to Oromo studies, and other information;

• The parties agreed to designate, on behalf of each institution, who will co-ordinate the execution of MOU, and draw up programme of activities to be jointly implemented between both parties. For this purpose, the Chair of NOS and IOS president/director will be responsible officers.

This MOU will remain effective until such time that both parties agreed in writing to propose any form of alteration. The MOU could be terminated by any of the parties issuing six months prior notice.

Contact Information
Partner name: the Network of Oromo Studies (NOS)
Partner representative: Gizaw Tasissa
Position: Director
St Pauls Drive
London, E15 1JN
Telephone: 0044 2037373356, 0044 7538263883

Partner name: Institute of Oromo Studies
Partner representative:
Position: President

(Partner signature)
(Partner name, organization, position)

(Partner signature)
(Partner name, organization, position)

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