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Fourth International Oromo Studies Press Release

The 4th International Oromo Studies Conference Successfully Concluded The 4th International Oromo Studies organised by the Institute of Oromo Studies -Jimma University and the Network of Oromo Studies-UK , hosted by Jimma University was successfully concluded. The conference was held 18-19, July 2019 at Jimma University. More than 2000 people participated from around the world. In view of the grand theme “Oromia State formation, Socio-Political order, and The Horn “there were 83 abstracts from which 31 were selected and presented on the conference. In addition to the country’s universities, presenters were from abroad including Khartoum University. The conference is the first of its kind to be conducted in Oromia in such a way, drawing together all Oromo and non-Oromo scholars and different organisations from around the world . At the same time it makes it especial in a sense that it was organised by the collaboration of Oromo studies organisations in the country and abroad for the first time. It was noted that this collaboration was made possible by the long-standing Oromo struggle for freedom and justice, and by the sacrifice of beloved Oromo freedom heroes and Qeerro, Qarree for the same. These martyrs were remembered at the inception of the conference. The conference’s aim to bringing together leading academics, researchers and other interested to exchange and share their research findings on all aspects of state formation in Oromia, Ethiopia and the Horn; and policy challenges and opportunities was achieved by appropriate research papers presented from different perspectives and discussions. The plenary session pointed out that the conference was an opportunity for all, but political entities to critically think of the essentials of Oromia state building by considering geopolitical conditions of the Horn. It was also noted that apparently research about Oromo and Oromia is scarce and requires joint effort of institutions. The emergence of Oromo Study institutions was appreciated. However, some of these are in exile and others are in the country at different locations. This makes difficult for them to preserve and provide a centralised profile of Oromia. As it stands, there is no well organised and resourced central research and publication unit, central Ethnological museum and central study Library of Oromia. Therefore, it was suggested that Oromia needs to have a well-resourced national public Oromo studies centre/institute at the centre of Oromia – that centre is FINFINNEE. It was discussed that Oromo Scholars society can provide a sound basis for research efforts, nation building, economic prosperity and social inclusion, but it won’t just happen. It will require a persistent, long-term, focus on quality, innovation, continuous improvement and entrepreneurship informed by research findings and indigenous knowledge. In line with this, it was duly noted that this in turn requires establishment of an independent Oromo scholars’ society that Oromo scholars should act right away. Follow the link below. https://youtu.be/WGA_lmjTgB0 IOS/NOS 4th International Conference, Jimma University, Oromia, 18-19 July 2019

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