The Network of Oromo Studies (NOS) First International Conference in London 17-18 Dec., 2016, Venue: Stratford, Water lane,E15 4LZ University of East London.Time: From 10am-5pm


Invitation for Paper


The Network of Oromo Studies (NOS) invites contributions of research papers from established academics, practitioners and students of Oromo Studies to its first International conference, December 17-18, 2016. Venue: Stratford, Water lane, E15 4LZ University of East London.

 Theme:   The past, present and its future contribution to Socio-Political narratives in Oromia, Ethiopia and the Horn

 The field of Oromo studies has relatively been a neglected area of academic pursuit for too long. While a few organisations such as Oromo Studies Association (OSA) and individuals make formidable efforts to promote this field, there is scarcity in depth and width of robust research activities in this discipline. NOS endeavours to address this gap.

 Whilst the conference would like to critically review the Oromo studies as a scholarly endeavour and its contribution, it is also an opportunity to explore social and political landscape in Ethiopia at the present and its implication to Oromo’s and other nationalities and the horn of Africa.

The conference is also keen to receive research papers that capitalise on current Oromo issues to give deeper insight into the dynamic of maintain its status-qua and the role of international communities in this respect.

Deadline for submission of 300 words abstract is 31 Oct, 2016

The final paper should be no longer than 5000 should be submitted by 20 Nov. 2016 to be considered by the editorial board for publication in the Journal of Network of Oromo Studies.




See the link for details of the submission process.

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